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Matthew Contributes to New Royal Ruckus Album

Matthew was very fortunate to work with hip- hop duo Royal Ruckus on their newest album, Mr. Bennett's Neighborhood, Volume One: Come On and Wake Up!

The theme of this 8- song project centers around intentionally spreading love and kindness in the world, just as Mr. Rogers did. It's still very much in need today, too!

Matthew's contributions can be heard on the opening song, "Beautiful Day" which features veteran emcee CookBook of the legendary hip- hop group LA Symphony. Matthew provided the sample- sounding composition that includes piano, xylophone, and jazz drums while CookBook delivered the hard- hitting beat.

Matthew's work can also be heard on the "Recording in Progress" single, which also features CookBook and work from DJ Sean P.

It was awesome working with Jamey (Chunjay) on this record! Hopefully there are more collaborations with him and the Royal Ruckus team in the future!

Check out Come On and Wake Up! now on any streaming platform!


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