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Matthew A. Thomas
Details on Each of Matthew's Albums

A New December Background

A New December

The 12- song Christmas album bringing delight to your holidays. 

A New December includes some of your traditional holiday favorites along with several originals. 

Production began in October 2021 and wrapped up in November 2022. The two- year creation was due to many life circumstances and changes: the birth of Matthew's son, Luke; production on other projects; responsibilities as a husband and dad; a weekslong hospital stay -- needless to say, getting A New December to the finish line was work!

Fortunately, this album came with a great deal of collaboration. Accomplished drummer Andrew Marsh, who is also Matthew's cousin, contributed his masterful touch to five songs while Chattanooga, TN area singer Trey Suttles showcased his incredible vocal range on "O Come, O Come Emmanuel."

This album is also the very first project Matthew completely mixed and mastered, himself! 

You can listen to A New December on any streaming platform. Add it among your Christmas time favorites today. 

Clothes & Right Minds Background

Clothes & Right Minds

10 songs of pure contemporary jazz are delivered in Matthew's second album.

Clothes & Right Minds, Matthew's second album, delivered several milestones and introduced his music to new audiences. 

Many of the songs originated during a time of intense change in our world: the COVID-19 pandemic, social and racial injustice brought to the forefront, and political divisiveness. Plus, Matthew's own journey of he and his wife welcoming their firstborn daughter and buying a home for the first time. 

Life is full of twists and turns which is why having the right foundation matters more than anything. Clothes & Right Minds derives its name from the biblical story of a man who encountered Jesus and was, afterwards, made whole. 

Matthew invites you to journey along for a musical journey of navigating life together. Chattanooga, TN- based vocalist lends his vocal talents on "Just Stay". 

Clothes & Right Minds was Matthew's first foray to the broader contemporary jazz world by hitting several charts and radio spins including:

  • Reached #8 on Amazon Music's New Releases in Jazz rankings. 

  • Peaked at #20 on's Top 50 Listener Countdown Chart. 

  • Peaked at #56 on's Radar Chart.

  • Airplay on multiple radio stations across the world.  

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Melodensity Background


The one that launched them all -- Matthew's debut album. 

Clothes & Right Minds, Matthew's second album, delivered several milestones and introduced his music to new audiences. 

Released in April 2019, Melodensity is the outcome of the faith it takes to try something new. While music production was nothing new to Matthew, producing his own music presented quite the challenge. 

Melodensity offers 7 songs blending jazz, hip-hop, R&B, gospel, and pop in one journey of a project. Matthew's love for synths can be heard on nearly every song. 

Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

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