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Matthew Contributes Piano on Braille's Newest Single

Braille, a Christian Hip- Hop trailblazer and pioneer, released his newest single "Divorced from Reality" on March 22nd, 2024 and Matthew A. Thomas played the piano on this heartfelt song!

Braille has a long track record of delivering sharp, thought- provoking rhymes transcending various styles of hip- hop -- from boombap to folk to even more intimate tracks such as with "Divorced from Reality", which also includes a violinist and bass guitarist.

"Divorced from Reality" is part of a larger work Braille is assembling titled Gospel Banquet.

You can listen to "Divorced from Reality" and other songs by Braille on most streaming platforms, but we highly encourage you to download or purchase the single to support his continued work and music ministry.

The link is provided below.


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